B1: Devonian offshore deposits in the outskirts of Prague

1 day, 23 June, Czech Republic; Trip leaders: S. Vodrážková1, H. Weinerová2
1Czech Geological Survey, Czech Republic; 2The Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Contact: stana.vodrazkova@seznam.cz
Price: 20 EUR
Transportation: public transport; Participants: Minimum 2, Maximum 15
Departure: Prague, Hotel Diplomat (17:00); Return: Prague, Hotel Diplomat
Includes: field trip guidebook and dinner packet.
Degree of physical difficulty: basic to intermediate level of physical fitness is required. The trip will include short (up to few km long) walk, frequently on unpaved floors (trekking shoes are recommended).
Devonian deposits form a picturesque scenery in Hlubočepy, one of the best preserved historical areas of Prague that has maintained its unique rural character over decades. It is also a classic geological site known since the time of Joachim Barrande. Here we will explore Lower and Middle Devonian offshore deposits that reflect interpreted eustatic sea-level fluctuations and other palaeoenvironmental events in their development, such as the Basal Choteč and Kačák events familiar to stratigraphers of the Devonian. Lithofacies examined will range from (hemi)pelagic shales and carbonates through calciturbidites to siliciclastic flysch-like deposits, representing the youngest, pre-Variscan infill of the Prague Basin.
Left: Lower-Middle Devonian (Emsian-Eifelian) Třebotov Limestone, Prague-Hlubočepy; Right: Example of microbially induced sedimentary structure, scale = 1 cm.
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