B2: Mid-Cretaceous transgressions on the northern edge of Prague

1 day, 23. June, Czech Republic; Trip leader: R. Nádaskay
Czech Geological Survey, Czech Republic
Contact: roland.nadaskay@geology.cz
Price: 20 EUR
Transportation: public transport; Participants: Minimum 10, Maximum 25
Departure: Prague, Hotel Diplomat (17:00); Return: Prague, Hotel Diplomat
Includes: field trip guidebook and dinner packet.
Degree of physical difficulty: Low; the trip will include short walks combined with public transport. Trekking shoes are recommended.
Much of the northern part of Prague is built on the erosional edge of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin. The basal part of the basin fill is one of classical examples of the “Cenomanian transgression” in Central Europe, culminating at the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary. This short trip by public transport will demonstrate a history of a stepwise palaeovalley filling by fluvial and tide-dominated estuarine strata, separated by a variety of transgressive surfaces, and followed by the maximum flooding at the onset of the Turonian which established basinwide hemipelagic conditions. The excursion will be followed by after-party in the stylish Bulovka Brewery.
Left: Supratidal, organic-rich mudstones with coal interbeds, overlain by heterolithic tidalites (Prague-Hloubětín; Cenomanian); Right: Cross-bedding formed in dunes affected by tidal currents (Prague-Prosek; Cenomanian).
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