C1: The Bohemian Cretaceous Basin: Changing sea level and palaeoenvironments in an epeiric seaway during peak greenhouse time

3 days, 26-28 June, Czech Republic; Trip leaders: Uličný, D.1, Špičáková, L.1, Čech, S.2, Košťák, M.3, Sklenář, J.4, Vodrážka, R.2
1The Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic; 2Czech Geological Survey, Czech Republic; 3Charles University, Czech Republic, 4National Museum, Czech Republic
Contact: ulicny@ig.cas.cz
Price: 380 EUR
Transportation: bus; Participants: Minimum 18, Maximum 25
Departure: Prague, Hotel Diplomat (8:00); Return: Prague, Hotel Diplomat
Includes: field trip guidebook, transportation, accommodation, breakfasts, lunch packets, snacks and dinners.
Degree of physical difficulty: moderate; unsuitable for those fearful of heights.
The Bohemian Cretaceous Basin combines features of a tectonically active basin with those of an epeiric seaway flooded during the mid-Cretaceous sea-level maximum. Scenic exposures and active quarries, supplemented by a rich subsurface database, make this basin a true natural laboratory for the study of the Cretaceous of Central Europe. The trip focuses on the time of the Turonian super-greenhouse, bracketed by two major events in the basin evolution: the Late Cenomanian to early Turonian flooding of the Bohemian Massif, and the deposition of coarse-grained deltas in response to tectonic and eustatic events spanning the Turonian-Coniacian boundary. A multi-disciplinary view of the depositional record will be presented, combining sedimentology and palaeoecology with sequence stratigraphy, stable isotope chemostratigraphy, astrochronology, and a detailed biostratigraphic framework. The time scales of processes of interest will range from those of single gravity flows to Milankovitch cyclicity and tectonic events. The trip will include a Cenomanian palaeovalley fill and OAE2 record near Prague, rocky shore facies near Kolín, and coarse-grained deltas of different types formed in response to different paleo-depth and hydrodynamic conditions during the Turonian and Coniacian, mainly in the Bohemian Paradise UNESCO Geopark.
Left: Scenic exposures of a coarse-grained delta system in the Hrubá Skála region, NE Bohemia; Right: Early Turonian marls draping a palaeocliff of migmatite basement near Kolín.
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