Elizabeth Hajek

Elizabeth (Liz) Hajek belongs to leading researchers in the fields of quantitative sedimentology, stratigraphy, and internal dynamics of sedimentary systems. As an Associate Professor at the Department of Geosciences, Pennsylvania State University she teaches a number of courses ranging from oceanography to petroleum geology. Much of her research has focused on role of fluvial processes in shaping the landscape and defining the characteristics of sedimentary record. Along with emphasis on analyzing field examples of fossil sedimentary strata Liz has employed numerical and physical experiments as an important component of her research. Her diverse work has recently included topics from Gondwanan rainforest biomes to the record of Paleocene-Eocene hyperthermal in oceanic sediments.

In her plenary lecture “The influence of landscape dynamics on paleoclimate-signal preservation in the stratigraphic record” Liz Hajek will provide an example of a holistic approach to study the archives of past climates and physical processes that shaped our planet’s surface.

More details about Liz Hajek, her current projects, students, and publications, can be found on her personal homepage at PennState:



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