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The Czech Geological Survey is a highly respected state organization that compiles, stores, interprets and provides objective expert geological information for the state administration, the private sector and the public. It is a state-funded body, the departmental research institute of the Ministry of the Environment responsible for functioning as the state geological survey in the Czech Republic. It is the only institution tasked with the systematic investigation of the geological structure of the entire Czech Republic.


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GEORADIS s.r.o., legal entity established in 2026, celebrating 15 years anniversary. Proud on our wide and continuously growing portfolio of instruments and know how helping our customers around the globe. Major concern is detection and evaluation of concentrations of low radioactive sources, non-galvanic measurement of magnetic susceptibility and conductivity of rock samples. From large mining companies through smaller geophysical groups and consulting teams to scientists at universities – this is our field we like to work. Almost 8000 instruments in categories from laboratory equipment to small handhelds have been manufactured. R&D oriented on up-to-date technologies make a domain for interesting projects.




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