Plenary and Session Keynote Lectures

Invited Plenary Lectures

V. Paul Wright   Elizabeth Hajek   Matthieu Cartigny
National Museum of Wales
(Natural History), Cardiff, UK
  PennState, USA   University of Durham, UK
Title: The giant abiotic carbonate factory of the early Cretaceous of the South Atlantic   Title: The influence of landscape dynamics on paleoclimate-signal preservation in the stratigraphic record   Title: Using novel deep-sea technology to demystify turbidity currents
June 22, 12:00, Hall 1   June 24, 14:15, Hall 1   June 23, 12:00, Hall 1



Johannes Walther Award Plenary Lecture

Emmanuelle Vennin
Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France
Title: The limits of microbialite preservation in recent and past times
June 25, 12:00, Hall 1



Dr. Richard W. Faas Research Prize Session Keynote Lecture

Elizabeth L. Chamberlain
Soil Geography and Landscape, Wageningen University, Wegeningen, the Netherlands
Title: Scales of Science
June 21, 13:10, Hall 2
(In: Session T02-SS02: The waltz of processes in paralic environments – Rock record and modern perspectives)



Early-Career Scientist Award Session Keynote Lecture

Or M. Bialik
Marine Geology & Seafloor Surveying, Department of Geosciences, University of Malta, Msida, Malta
Title: Insights from the southwestern Tethys - the Cretaceous evolution of the Levant Platform
June 23, 13:10, Hall 2
(In: Theme 13 – Open Theme)



Invited Session Keynote Lectures

Sergio Longhitano   Michael Simmons   Jeffrey Peakall
Department of Sciences, University of Basilicata, Potenza, Italy   Halliburton, Abingdon, UK   School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
Title: Criteria to recognize ancient tidal straits in the rock record   Title: Cretaceous eustasy: magnitudes, pace, and drivers   Title: Geomorphology and process dynamics of the world’s longest calciclastic submarine channels
June 22, 13:10, Hall 4
(In: T02-SS01 – Gateways, straits and seaways: their sedimentology and stratigraphy importance to understand basins evolution)
  June 25, 14:55, Hall 1
(In: T05-SS03 – Understanding a greenhouse Earth: sedimentation, climate, sea level and biogeochemical cycles in the Cretaceous)
  June 25, 13:00, Hall 3
(In: T04-SS02 – Submarine canyons and channels: Their role for material transfer and burial from shelf to basin)


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