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A1: Demise and aftermath of Triassic shallow-water carbonate ramps/platforms in the Western Tethys realm (Austria, 3 days, trip leaders: S. Missoni, H.-J. Gawlick) CANCELLED

A2: Middle Miocene sedimentary environment and facies along the northern shore of the Central Paratethys influenced by tidal processes and volcanic activity (Slovakia, 3 days, trip leader: M. Kováč, S. Rybár, M. Šujan, D. Starek)

A3: Carboniferous depositional history of the Variscan foreland in Moravia  and Silesia: from deep-marine to continental settings (Czech Republic, 3 days, trip leaders: T. Kumpan, D. Šimíček, S. Nehyba, J. Jirásek, M. Sivek)

A4: Mass wasting deposits: from ancient catastrophic submarine collapses to recent alluvial fans; Julian Alps, Soča Valley and Adriatic coast (Slovenia, 3 days, trip leaders: L. Gale, D. Gerčar, N. Novak, T. Popit, Ž. Pogačnik, B. Rožič, A. Šmuc, T. Verbovšek)

A5: Depositional systems in a coal-bearing rift basin: lower Miocene of the Most Basin, Eger Graben (Czech Republic, 2 days, trip leaders: K. Mach, M. Rajchl, T. Novotný, T. Matys Grygar, D. Uličný)

A6: Late Pennsylvanian paleoclimate and depositional systems of Central and Western Bohemian Basin (Czech Republic, 1 day, trip leaders: R. Lojka, S. Opluštil)

Intra-conference field trips 

B1: Devonian offshore deposits in the outskirts of Prague (Czech Republic, 1 day, trip leaders: S. Vodrážková, H. Weinerová)

B2: Mid-Cretaceous transgressions on the northern edge of Prague (Czech Republic, 1 day, trip leader: R. Nádaskay)


C1: The Bohemian Cretaceous Basin: palaeoenvironmental dynamics in an epeiric seaway, from bedform to orbital timescales (Czech Republic, 3 days, trip leaders: D. Uličný, L. Špičáková, S. Čech, M. Košťák, J. Sklenář, R. Vodrážka)

C2: Lower Devonian palaeoclimate and sea-level changes as recorded in ramp carbonates of the Prague Basin (Czech Republic, 2 days, trip leaders: O. Bábek, D. Šimíček)

C3: The Ohře River: under anthropogenic pressure (Czech Republic, 2 days, trip leaders: M. Faměra, M. Hošek, J. Elznicová, T. Kiss, T. Matys Grygar)

C4: The Bohemian Karst - surface and subsurface geological and sedimentological processes during the Cenozoic (Czech Republic, 1 day, trip leader: J. Kadlec, J. Hošek)

Deadlines and Cancellation fees

A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, C1, C2, C3, C4 – cancellations till 30 April 2020 without cancellation fee, from 1 May to 5 June 2020 50 %, then 100 %

B1, B2 – cancellations till 22 June 2020, no cancellation fee

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