SC2: Basics of Ichnology

2 days, on-site (Prague) or virtual course depending on pandemic situation

Course leaders: Alfred Uchman (Jagiellonian University, Poland), Radek Mikuláš (The Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geology, Czech Republic)

Ichnology is a science branch joining sedimentary geology and paleobiology through the study of trace fossils (ichnofossils). Since reaching high popularity in 1970s, after key studies of the late Adolph Seilacher on the ichnofacies concept, ichnology has continued (especially in recent years) to improve tools for interpretation of trace fossils. During Day 1, the short course participants will first become familiar with the basic terminology that is necessary for further communication; afterwards, the present understanding of the concepts of ichnofacies and ichnofabric analysis will be explained and their application demonstrated on sedimentologically useful examples. During Day 2, which will be a field excursion, the course will focus on recognizing and interpreting sedimentary rock outcrops near Prague, rich in paleoichnologic record. The short course is intended for all geologists and students of geology working on sedimentary rock outcrops, cores or collected samples.

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