SC3 Applied Biostratigraphy

1 day, virtual course

Course leaders: Mike Bidgood (GSS Geoscience, UK), Mike Simmons (Halliburton, UK)

Biostratigraphy (here used to mean the applied study of fossils) forms a natural companion to sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy. Although a highly specialist discipline, it is useful for all sedimentary geologists to understand how biostratigraphy can help can gain insight into, for example, correlation and understanding of depositional environment. Therefore, rather than focus on the fossils themselves, attendees of this one-day course will learn, through a series of practical exercises, using real data, how biostratigraphy assists in: (1) correlation at a variety of scales, (2) determination of palaeoenvironments and palaeo-water depth, and (3) the recognition of depositional sequences and systems tracts. The examples are drawn from carbonate, clastic and mixed depositional environments and from a variety of geological ages. By the end of the course, participants should be able to make a preliminary basic assessment of any biostratigraphic data they encounter, ask the right questions of biostratigrapher colleagues to help them in their work and understand how biostratigraphy can play a role in their research, yet appreciating potential limitations.

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