Traces of Outstanding People – Historic Houses and Places Connected with Outstanding People

Please accept our invitation to walk around the places that are connected with the lives of outstanding people. You can see the places that are witnesses of people whose lives become a part of the Czech and World cultural heritage and memory.

Almost everything in historical Prague is within easy walking distance. So let´s explore the city and try to capture the spirit of historic events and great minds!

W. A. Mozart

Take the opportunity to see one of the places in Prague where the genius composer stayed.
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Franz Kafka

The exhibition in Franz Kafka Museum takes you into the world of Franz Kafka (1883–1924), one of the greatest figures of 20th century world literature.


Legendary Astronomers Tycho de Brahe
and Johannes Kepler

worked in Prague under the Emperor Rudolf II. Do not forget to visit Prague Castle and learn more about extraordinary court of Emperor Rudolf II.

Tycho de Brahe is buried in the Church of Our Lady of Týn in Old Town Square.


Albert Einstein (1879–1955)

In April 1911 Einstein was appointed as a full professor of theoretical physics at the German part of Prague's Charles University.
Einstein moved from Zurich to Prague together with his first wife, Mileva, and their two young sons, Hans Albert and Eduard. The Einsteins lived in quarter Smichov which was not considered the smartest part of the city, but their flat (now in Lesnicka Street No. 7) was modern (in contrast with Zurich there was already electricity installed) and Einstein liked to recall his walks to the Physical Institute in Vinicna Street over the Vltava river. Also, in Einstein's words, the Institute was "excellent with a beautiful library". Although Eisntein did not establish a very close rapport with Prague, he admired the romantic historical city. He associated himself with a group of Jewish intellectuals who gathered in the evenings at Berta Fanta's home where philospohy was discussed and music played. Here he met Hugo Bergmann, Max Brod and Franz Kafka. While in Prague, Einstein was invited to the first legendary Solvay congress where he met Planck, Lorentz, Madame Curie, Poincaré, most of them for the first time. Scientists also came to Prague to visit Einstein. One of the most important was Paul Ehrenfest.


Rabbi Löw ben Bezalel

He is widely known for his Golem, a made creature – homunculus, whom he created using mystical powers to defend the Jews of the Prague´s ghetto. By the way, the story of Mary Shelly´s Frankenstein is thought to have originated in the prague´s Golem legend.
Visit The Rabbi's grave in Prague's Jewish cemetery.


Bohumil Hrabal, famous Czech Writer (1914–1997) 

The atmosphere of his books can remind you the well-known Golden Tiger pub in the center of Prague.


Czech Art Nouveau artist Alfons Mucha

The world´s first Mucha Museum, dedicated to the life and work, is housed in the Baroque Kaunický Palace in the very heart of Prague.

Alfons Mucha lived at Thunovská Street 25.

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Antonín Dvořák (1841–1904)

Antonín Dvořák belongs among exceptional personalities of Czech and international music. Already during his life he enjoyed a great international acclaim, which enhanced considerably the prestige of Czech culture and the Czech nation.
Visit the Dvořák Museum which is housed in an elegant early eighteenth-century baroque French-style summerhouse called Vila Amerika (build in 1720).


Josef Sudek (1896–1976)

A Czech photographer, best known for his haunting night-scapes of Prague.Set out to see a replica of the original atelier in the garden.


František Bílek (1872–1941)

An important Art Nouveau and Symbolistic artist, mystic, sculptor, architect, author of applied art, graphic designer, illustrator and religious thinker. František Bílek´s studio in Villa Bílek is open for visitors!


Jaroslav Seifert (1901–1986)

The first and to date the only Czech winner of the Nobel prize for literature (1984). Jaroslav Seifert was born and spend most of his life in Žižkov, historically a working-class district. Today, due to its specific atmosphere, Žižkov became the part of Prague, with many artists living or performing there. Žižkov is said to have the highest number of pubs in Prague.You can find Seifert’s Birth House at Borivojova Street. A memorial tablet commemorating the famous poet was erected here.


Madeleine Albright

Just a few steps from Prague Castle, majestic Černín Palace, the seat of Foreign Ministry, impose its heavy classic style presence. Father of Madeleine Albright used the work there. Born in Prague 1937 she moved with the family to the United States in 1948. She became the first female United States Secretary of State.
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Václav Havel

Do not miss to have a look at the secession house built in 1904 owned by Czech playwright and former president Vaclav Havel.
Address:  Rašínovo nábřeží 2000/78 
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Milan Kundera

The great Czech writer has been living in France since the 1975, and now writes in French. He lived at  Bartolomějská street 304/1  before his emmigration to France.
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Miloš Forman, Oscar-winning director

Miloš Forman recorded his first Oscar success with the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest based on the book by Ken Kesey starring Jack Nicholson in the lead role. He won a second Oscar for the film Amadeus, of which shot a large part in Prague.

Take an opportunity to visit places where the film Amadeus was shot:

The Estates Theatre: Ovocný trh 1, Prague – Staré Mesto
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Jilji Church: Husova 8, Prague – Staré Mesto
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Waldstein Garden: Letenská 10, Prague – Malá Strana
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Buquoy Palace: Velkopřevorské nám. 2, Prague – Malá Strana
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Maltese Square: Maltezské nám., Prague – Malá Strana
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Thunovska Street: Thunovská, Prague – Malá Strana
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Plague Column: Malostranské nám., Prague – Malá Strana
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Nerudova Street: Nerudova 19, Prague – Malá Strana
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Gryspek Palace: Hradčanské nám. 16, Prague – Hradcany
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Kanovnická Street: Kanovnická , Prague – Hradcany
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Hradčany Square: Hradčanské nám. 6, Prague – Hradcany
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Convent Strahov: Strahovské nádvoří 1, Prague – Hradcany
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Invalidovna (Central Military Archives): Sokolovská 136, Prague – Karlín/
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Střelecký Island: Střelecký ostrov, Prague – Staré Město
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Leopold Gate: Leopoldova brána, Prague – Vyšehrad
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It may interest you to know that Miloš Forman lived at Všehrdova 2 before he moved to USA. Location in the map

Berta von Suttner-Kinsky (1843–1914)

A First Nobel Peace Prize winner (1905). She was born at the Kinsky Palace and lived at Vodičkova 697. Location in the map


Franz Werfel (1819–1945)

Czech-born Jewish poet, playwright and novelist. He was a contemporary and colleague of Franz Kafka, Max Brod, Martin Buber, and other Jewish intellectuals who flourished in the first decades of the 20th century. He lived with his parents and two sisters at Opletalova 41.
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Jaroslav Heyrovský (1890–1967)

A founder of the Czech polarographic school, Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry (1959).
You can find Heyrovsky´s Birth House at Kaprova Street 21.
A memorial tablet commemorating the famous scientist was erected here. Location in the map


Karel Čapek (1890–1938) and Josef Čapek (1887–1945)

Karel Čapek – an outstanding Czech writer
Čapek`s utopian drama R.U.R, in which the word "robot" appeared for the first time, made the writer famous throughout the world. Some of his admirers have said that the main reason he never got a Nobel Prize for Literature is that the Swedes thought it would offend Hitler too much to give it to such a well-known anti-fascist.

Josef Čapek – a Cubist painter, novelist, and dramatist
There is modest but beautiful Josef Capek and Karel Capek monument
on the square Náměstí Míru. On each of two wider sides of roughly
carved monument there is one name made of holes.
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Karel and Josef with their families lived at the double-villa at Bratří Čapků Street 28–30. Location in the map



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