V. Paul Wright

Paul grew up in a coal mining village in the valleys of South Wales. He graduated from Bristol University in 1975 (BSc Hons Geology), and after teaching in a high school did a PhD at Cardiff University with Robert Riding on Carboniferous peritidal carbonates and paleosols.

After a post-doctoral position at the Open University he became a lecturer back at Bristol from 1984-1988, before joining J R L Allen’s Postgraduate Research Institute for Sedimentology at Reading University until 1997. He was awarded a DSc from University of Wales in 1991.

He was appointed to the BG Chair in Applied Carbonate sedimentology at Cardiff University in 1997, until 2007. During that time he focussed on appraisal studies of BG’s carbonate assets in Kazakhstan, North Africa and India, often leading multi-company teams of specialists.  Paul joined BG in 2007 and from 2013 has been an independent consultant and an instructor.

Since 2007 Paul has worked on South Atlantic Aptian lacustrine reservoirs.  This is the theme of his talk, especially how the mantle played a critical role in producing one of the most unusual sedimentary successions found in the Phanerozoic.

He is an Honorary Research Fellow at National Museum of Wales.

Paul was awarded AAPG’s Grover E Murray Distinguished Educator Medal in 2015

And in 2016 was awarded SEPM’s Pettijohn Medal for Excellence in Sedimentology

His research has focussed on shallow water marine carbonates, lacustrine carbonates, palaeokarst, paleosols, alluvial stratigraphy and taphonomy. If a single thread can be identified in those interests, it is in understanding the veracity of the stratigraphic and fossil records.

Paul has written 150 research papers and co-authored/edited a number of books including Carbonate Sedimentology with Maurice Tucker.

Current interests include coastal wetlands including the Sian Ka’an in Yucatan, latest Triassic paleosols, and calcretes of all ages.


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